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Welcome to Megan Ann Photography. I am a mother of three beautiful little kiddos and have an amazing husband who supports all my dream. I am a family, children, milestone, senior, maternity and lifestyle photographer. I have always been the girl with a camera around my neck. One day I decided to turn a hobby into a dream. I love being able to tell stories through pictures.

Becoming a mother has completely changed who I am and my outlook on life. It is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me and it has changed what I see when I look through my lens.

I absolutely love families. I love photographing their connections. I love photographing childhood and its many adventures. I like to get close up with my camera and get right in the moment. I want the viewer to feel your connection when they look at your images. I want the viewer to feel the importance of that moment, because quite honestly, it’s not going to last. This is why I am so passionate about photography. Because after-all, life is short, but so beautiful.

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